Content Editing: ($0.024 – $0.026 per word)

In a content (substantive) edit, I will help you address areas that influence the success of your story. These include the overall structure, plot, description, character development, dialogue, point of view, pacing, consistency in voice, etc. I will also provide suggestions to address areas that may benefit from revision. The rate will vary dependent upon the needs of the project and the author.

Copyediting: ($0.01-$0.02 per word)

I will provide edits, line-by-line, to address any issues with your writing style, structure, spelling, punctuation, voice, phrasing, continuity, etc. The rate will vary dependent upon the needs of the project and the author.

Proofreading: ($0.008 per word)

I will provide feedback on areas that may need to be fine-tuned prior to submitting your manuscript for publication. Areas of focus include reviewing your manuscript for typos, spelling, grammar, format consistency, etc.

If you are unsure about what kind of editorial service(s) you may need for your work, reach out to me so we can determine the best path forward. I provide a free sample edit so that I may properly create an estimate for your project. The sample edit will also demonstrate my editing style and help the author determine if they wish to proceed with me on board. Once an author and I have agreed that I am right for their project, I will develop a contract statement of work outlining the editorial needs of the project. Once signed by the author and myself, the author will send me the manuscript file and I will begin the work as outlined in the contract.

Repeat clients may be eligible for discounts. Contact me for more information.

Please note that a non-refundable 50% of the total payment amount is due at the beginning of the project. The remaining balance is due at the completion of the project. I currently accept payments via PayPal.

Additionally, if I determine that your project does not match my skill set or our mutual schedules, I will do my best to direct you to another editor that may be able to help you.