drum-02I have written and edited fiction off and on for the past thirty years. My university studies in English, my years of writing, and working with friends and colleagues (many of whom achieved publication), and even my professional career in IT, have served me well in teaching not just the mechanics of language and storytelling, but also the value of good editing. Editors can be an ally in the struggle to get the story that the author wants to tell onto the page in the most effective way. Building relationships through a shared passion for story is something upon which I place a very high value.

Fun fact: I wrote (and performed) stand-up comedy for five years during the comedy boom of the late 80s and early 90s.

Outside of general literary fiction, my preferred genres are horror and science fiction/fantasy, with a particular focus on horror. I have a love for horror in both what I read and write, and I take great pleasure in reading new voices (published or otherwise) in the genre in an effort to bring the work to the stage.

While I write often (though not enough to truly satisfy the creative demons that live inside my head), I am committed to working with authors to bring their work forward in the best possible light as they seek to publish their work in the marketplace.