The Latest

Wow! It has been a a while since I’ve posted anything here on the ol’ blog. I figured with this entry, I’ll just give you an update on what I’ve been up to since the last time as well as a preview of what’s coming up over the next few months or so.

Since we last met, I’ve been busy writing shorts and working on a novel. Of course, my priority has been prepping my son for his upcoming enlistment to the military. It’s all been very exciting, but dear old dad here is still working out the emotional gymnastics around saying goodbye.

I also managed to rid my life of Facebook. Well, for a while anyway. The problem is that too many people I know use it and getting them to stay in touch by other means is difficult, if not impossible. The good thing about getting back on, if there can be a good thing, is that I’ve now got a bit more control over my feed, and I’ve decided to eliminate any sort of “professional” presence. Facebook will be strictly personal use only, although I plan to continue connecting with other writerly folks. Yep, nothing but good, wholesome social media here. Pictures of food, updates on the kids, and cat videos. What else could I ask for?

In the coming months I will continue to manage my team at work, attend a conference or two to stay connected with my tribe, and write. Lots and lots of that last one, of course.

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