Flash! Ahhhhhhhh!

(sorry – I couldn’t help myself on the title…)

I’ve recently been writing flash fiction, which is a little new to me. I’ve read plenty of it over the years, but always preferred to write longer form.

That said, when fellow horror writer Jack Wallen invited me to participate in a flash fiction project, I was all in. The project is called “Music Be The Food”, and all of the flash pieces are based upon pieces of music that Jack picks out for us. It started with a new song every two weeks, but Jack recently made it a monthly thing. There are some really great stories here, and I hope you check them out by visiting Jack’s site at http://monkeypantz.net/tag/music-be-the-food/.

I’ve really enjoyed writing these shorter pieces. Each one has been an exercise in jumping right into the action as well as faster character development.

Other authors on the project include: Jay Wilburn, Chad A. Clark, Todd Skaggs, Jaime Johnesee, Eden Royce, Leigh M. Lane, and, of course, Jack Wallen himself. Other writers have recently been added to the roster and I’m really looking forward to the project continuing and seeing what’s in store from everyone.


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