Flash! Ahhhhhhhh!

(sorry – I couldn’t help myself on the title…)

I’ve recently been writing flash fiction, which is a little new to me. I’ve read plenty of it over the years, but always preferred to write longer form.

That said, when fellow horror writer Jack Wallen invited me to participate in a flash fiction project, I was all in. The project is called “Music Be The Food”, and all of the flash pieces are based upon pieces of music that Jack picks out for us. It started with a new song every two weeks, but Jack recently made it a monthly thing. There are some really great stories here, and I hope you check them out by visiting Jack’s site at http://monkeypantz.net/tag/music-be-the-food/.

I’ve really enjoyed writing these shorter pieces. Each one has been an exercise in jumping right into the action as well as faster character development.

Other authors on the project include: Jay Wilburn, Chad A. Clark, Todd Skaggs, Jaime Johnesee, Eden Royce, Leigh M. Lane, and, of course, Jack Wallen himself. Other writers have recently been added to the roster and I’m really looking forward to the project continuing and seeing what’s in store from everyone.


After the Con

I spent last weekend in the deep-end of the writer pool with friends at the 4th annual Imaginarium convention in Louisville, KY. It’s a decent con, albeit small, that attracts writers from a variety of genres and skill/experience levels. The best part is that the vast majority of the people there will make you feel welcome, understood, and appreciated. I’ve spoken before about the “tribe” and Imaginarium is a good example of a small island on which the tribe can gather briefly and no one gets voted off.

I was able to attend some interesting panels, and was fortunate enough to be a panelist for a few interesting discussions. One such panel focused on the mental health of creatives. I was honored to be on that panel with the likes of Gary Braunbeck and Lacy Marie. I also sat on a panel with Lucy Snyder and Monica Corwin in which we talked about the importance of first lines in our work.

The best moment of the con, however, wasn’t actually part of the con itself. I was given some sage advice from a friend who said, “Find the con within the con, and stick with those people.” So, that’s exactly what I did, and I wasn’t disappointed. I am part of a writing group that meets in North Central Ohio and they are a really wonderful bunch of people. The best moment was when this group of sixteen people went out to dinner on Saturday night and had great food and conversation as well as some big, big laughs. I can’t go in to what was said, because it was truly one of those “you had to be there” dinners.

It remains to be seen if I will attend the 2018 installment of Imaginarium – there are several other cons that I would like to get to at some point and my con budget doesn’t allow for much. Nevertheless, I came home from the weekend with a renewed energy to write, network with old and new friends, and do my part to contribute to the rising tide of creative energy of my chosen tribe.

Write on.

A Brief Update

I haven’t been very good about posting here lately. I’ve been quite busy with family, work, and life in general. I’ll try to be a little better about it moving forward.

I haven’t been completely lazy when it comes to getting words on the page, though. I’ve been a regular contributor to Jack Wallen‘s “Music Be the Food” series of music-inspired flash fiction. I’ve had the privilege of having my work appear with the likes of Jay WilburnJaime JohneseeTodd Skaggs – Author just to name a few. Visit Jack’s site here: http://monkeypantz.net/tag/music-be-the-food/ and look for my stories as well as the pieces by these other fantastic writers!

I’ll be heading to the Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY this weekend. I’ll be speaking on a few panels and will be enjoying time with other writerly tribe members.

Until next time…