WIP It. WIP It Good!

I currently have two projects that are keeping me busy. One is a stand-alone novel and the other is one that may very well become a series if I play it just right (we’ll see). One is more along the lines of a dark urban fantasy (leaning to YA), while the other is a not-so-bright future vampire tale. I know, I know… but come on – we all have at least one vampire story in us. It’s a challenge to keep both going at the same time, but I want to get both stories out while my brain has the momentum to make it happen.

Now there’s a third novel that’s been kicking around in my head for quite a long time. It’s not scary, nor is it magical or even dark. It’s small love story built around a broken family. I’ve recently started to draft a simple outline in a small pocket notebook – nothing fancy, just a few notes on the bigger plot points and such.

My goal isn’t to have three works in process, but rather to ensure that I always have something in process. I don’t want to finish one project and not already have a start (or at least a damn good idea of where to begin) on the next one.

As cheesy as it sounds, the old adage “writers write” is really something I take to heart. If I’m not working on something, then I cease to feel like a writer – like someone who is contributing to the community of inky cohorts that I so dearly love. I start to feel as though something is missing. I lose sleep (really, I do). Why? Because I need to write. Sure, I want to write, but I’m talking about a genuine need that feels like an itch that can only be scratched if I have pen in hand or fingers on keys.

What are YOU working on? How many WIPs do you have going at any given time? How do you feel when you aren’t actively working on a project?

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