Stuff I Dig: The Music Edition

“Stuff I Dig” will be a casual series that I’ll post over time. I’m not really into the idea of presenting a top 5 or 10 list of the things that you absolutely must do/see/experience/read/use. I just want to occasionally give you a list of things that I dig, and maybe prompt you to think about the same in your world.

This time it’s about music, which is huge for me. Probably for you, too. We don’t need to have the same taste in music to agree on the influence that music can have (and likely has had) on our lives.

I often go back and listen to the funk, R&B, and rock that I listened to on the radio during the mid-late 70’s. Of course, I’m all about the 80’s music and everything it brought along with it (skinny ties, no collar shirts, parachute pants, etc.). And, yes, there’s some country music that has made its way into my collection (albeit not much, but what’s there is gold). I remember watching the Donnie and Marie Show when I was a kid and I guess I took their song to heart… “I’m a little bit country, and I’m a little bit rock-n-roll!”

Vocals are a little distracting sometimes, so I’ve been focused mostly on instrumentals lately. Here’s a sample of what’s on the playlist this week:

  1. Jean-Michel Jarre, “Oxygene Trilogy”
  2. Kraftwerk, “Tour de France Soundtracks” (okay, this one is pretty much always on the playlist)
  3. Tangerine Dream, “Exit” and “Sorcerer, Official Soundtrack”
  4. Jóhann Jóhhannsson, “Arrival, Official Soundtrack”
  5. Disasterpeace, “It Follows, Official Soundtrack”
  6. Deadmau5, “while(1<2)”
  7. Beethoven, “The Complete Symphonies”

Sometimes it’s about setting a mood, while other times it’s just about having a solid groove.

Of course, there are times that I don’t want to listen to music, but I need something to fill the blank space. Noizio is an app that I have on my phone that gets a lot of play. I mix some rain and thunder with a little coffee shop and I’m good to go. There are other apps like it, but this is my favorite one of the bunch. It’s available for iOS and Windows

If you’re a writer, or otherwise a creative type, what do you listen to while making your art? Music? Ambient sound apps? Nothing?

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