Self-Publishing and Small Press: A Journey, Pt. 1

The idea of self-publishing has always seemed a bit daunting and, well, a bit jinky. This is because I grew up in a time in which the big publishing houses were the only way to go. Self-publishing was done through small, boutique presses, and was considered an exercise in vanity.

Flash forward to 2016 and self-publishing is everywhere and small presses abound. Depending on which circles you choose to run within, doing it yourself is even expected. Who needs the big publishers when you can do it yourself or go with a small press? Sure, getting picked up by Scribner or some other big house would be nice, but one can be quite successful otherwise. Being self-published or publishing with a small press does not mean that your work will never be seen by anyone other than your family and friends. It simply means that you will likely need to take a more active roll in the publication process as well as the marketing and sales. It’s where art and commerce meet. Remember, though, it’s not about making money. It’s about getting your art out into the world.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on self-publishing and will, in all likelihood, be self-pub’d by the end of this year. The best part about self-publishing these days is that your network of writerly peeps is doing (or has done) it, too. So you have a built in network of people that can mentor you, share in the glory and the misery, and ultimately help you succeed in your goal of publishing. You know, a rising tide and all.

It remains to bee seen if I will be 100% self-published or if I will be able to get connected with a small press. Nevertheless, I’ll be checking in periodically on my journey to self-publication. The writing, the editing, the re-writing, the formatting, cover art, printing, marketing, etc. There’s a lot I didn’t mention in that brief list, but I’ll get to those things in later posts.

So now it’s time to get out there. Open those doors and see what’s on the other side. Don’t be afraid to fall, because you may surprise yourself and fly. Also, don’t be afraid to be weird. It’s what makes you cool.

Seriously. I mean it. Be weird. Be the force of nature that makes your own world turn. Come on, if this shit is possible…IMG_0603.2015-02-20_175011

…you can certainly write and publish a book. Don’t you think?



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