A New Darkness

My, my, but it has been a long time since I have updated this blog! The past several months have been interesting and, honestly, quite distracting from various parts of my writing life. Work, kids, extended family commitments, and so on haven’t prevented me from keeping up a regular presence here, but made it easy for me to become less motivated to do so. 

I am looking forward to getting back on the train/bike/horse/(insert your favorite metaphor here), and actively contributing to my community of inky cohorts.

That being said, I’m taking my writing in a different direction. Not a new direction, mind you, just down a path that I haven’t travelled in some time. I have been focused lately on writing that is completely enjoyable, but it has been work that isn’t where my heart truly is. And while I am content with completing the current WIP in all of its young-adult goodness, I am eager to return to a place in my mind that is more comforting to me. The one where the locals smile but have a secret stashed behind their eyes, where the local hotel is haunted, where streetlights flicker (if they work at all), and where every house is filled with dark corners.

It’s in those streets and secret rooms where trouble comes to visit but decides to put up shop that I find my happiness. Now, to blow out that candle and go headlong into this new darkness with my eyes wide open.

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