Plans (or “What the mice and I are doing”)

I’m a planner. I make a living by planning and executing IT projects. Life, however, is not an IT project, and is much more complicated. So plans don’t always work out as expected.

I have always had plans for things to do in life. Plans for life, the next year, quarter, week, and… hey, what am I doing for lunch today?

My plan for life after high school was to kick off a career in photography. I had a good amount of gear and access to a professional darkroom (thanks to an internship I completed with a wonderful photographer, Lance Parker). That plan was eventually tossed to the side as life took me in a completely different direction – the mice, apparently, had other plans for me.

I’m now at the point where a career in a creative field is unlikely. That doesn’t stop me, though, from learning craft, techniques, etc. when it comes to my creative interests. I’m always up for a workshop, class, or even a YouTube video that can teach me something useful. For example: I haven’t been in a darkroom in years (more than I feel comfortable announcing), but I’ve found some good videos online that have reminded me of equipment and techniques that I once knew intimately.

I’ve also used online videos to learn (and re-learn) technique for playing bass (who needs six strings when you only really need four?) and have a large collection of bookmarks to videos and web sites that shed light on how to improve my writing craft.

So, what are my plans? In order of precedence:

  1. Continue to strive to be the best husband and father I can be
  2. Continue to write and improve my craft – eventually publishing
  3. Playing music with some like-minded folks
  4. Work on becoming a better photographer

I’ll share things here from time to time about how I’m doing on these plans. Of course, that’s if the mice agree with my list.

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