Stuff I Dig: The Movies Edition

The “Stuff I Dig” will be a casual series of lists that I’ll post over time. I’m not into the idea of presenting a top 5 or 10 list of the things that you absolutely must do/see/experience/read/use. I just want to give you lists of things that I dig, and maybe prompt you to think about the same in your world.

I’m not interested in providing movie critiques, nor am I interested in hearing them. I’m not really into listening to a critic wax poetic about the film making process and how a particular director/writer/actor/cinematographer/key grip approaches the craft. It’s a movie, folks. I go to the theater for entertainment, not a lecture or study on how the color palette denotes the emotional fragility of the minor character, dog, or chair in the background of a shot. Therefore, I tend to avoid movie critics because I like to go in to a movie free from any preconceived notion of what it is or isn’t. It’s all subjective anyway. Sure, I liked “The Godfather”, but I also liked Brendan Fraser’s “George of the Jungle”. You like what you like, I’ll like what I like, and maybe we can find some common, non-judgmental ground.

So, in no particular order, here are ten movies that I have enjoyed over the years that you might dig as well if you give them a chance.

  1. Alien – This is my favorite Ridley Scott movie. Sure, “Gladiator” had more balls to wall action, but “Alien” struck my horror bone and has always been a favorite.
  2. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – I’m not overly concerned with how historically accurate or inaccurate the story may be. I’m simply forever impressed with Redford and Newman as a duo. The only thing that could make this movie better is to take out the Burt Bacharach “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” bike riding scene.
  3. The Princess Bride – Another William Goldman story that, despite being different from the book, is so well done that it doesn’t matter. I love both equally.
  4. Fight Club – I’m not allowed to talk about it.
  5. Time Bandits – I haven’t liked all of Terry Gilliam’s movies, but this one has so much humor and adventure that it’s irresistible. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. David Warner is so good at playing the villain.
  6. His Girl Friday – a great love story that is a bit twisty and absolutely hilarious.
  7. The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy – okay, so this is technically cheating, but I have to include Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End on this list. They’re all good fun and worth a watch. Come on: zombies, nuns with guns, and aliens? Spectacular.
  8. The Breakfast Club – this one is like a favorite pillow or the mug you always use for hot chocolate – it just feels right and works every time. Now go fix me a turkey pot pie.
  9. The Planet of the Apes – I like the new Apes movies quite a bit, but the original movies hold a special place in my heart. The 70’s were all about Apes for me. Movies, TV show, cartoon, coloring books, and even action figures. It was my Star Wars before Star Wars.
  10. Galaxy Quest – this one is great because it takes the piss out of fandom while giving fans the best fantasy of all. It’s like being at the concert when the bass player falls off stage and they ask you to come up on stage to take over.

So, there it is, the second in the Things I Dig series. It was difficult to get down to this list of ten based upon the movies that I have loved over the years. Here’s a quick list of honorable mentions: “Hello, My Name is Doris” (I still have a crush on Sally Field), “Dan in Real Life”, “Children of Men”, “The Fisher King”, “Awakenings”, “The Illusionist”, “The King and I” (that’s right, I said it), and “Arsenic and Old Lace”.

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